What Spring Means For Your Liver

At CARRINNA, most of our services are based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, a holistic system of healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine, the body is seen as an interconnected network of organs, tissues, and cells working together to maintain health and balance. Each organ has its own function and responsibility within this system.

A great example is the liver, it helps us digest food and plays an important role in removing toxins from our bodies making it one of our most important organs. Spring is the time to focus on your liver as it is also known as the season of renewal. Getting rid of the bad (toxins) to make room for the new. 


In Chinese medicine the liver organ system is associated with your capacity for creativity and innovation. If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired lately, your liver may not be functioning optimally, but there are plenty of ways to find balance. 

As the weather warms it is easy to get wrapped up in the day parties and the cookouts but putting a focus on balance and nourishing the liver will serve you well in the long run. This can be done through food, herbs, and other natural remedies. 


It’s important that you eat foods that are warm in nature so they can help increase qi (energy) within your body while also nourishing your blood vessels by increasing their flexibility so they don’t become hardened due to stress or poor diet choices like excessive alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes.


The liver is a major organ that regulates the body’s metabolism and energy levels. It also plays an important role in digestion, immunity, and blood production. Because it’s so important for overall health, it’s essential to keep your liver functioning properly by making lifestyle changes that support its function. 


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