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What Spring Means For Your Liver

At CARRINNA, most of our services are based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, a holistic system of healing that has been practiced for thousands

Beauty Break Down: Facial Gua Sha

Fun Fact: the term “gua sha” is translated to  “scraping” in English. This ancient Chinese practice has kind of gotten a rebrand through the magic

Why Supplements are Vital in the Fall

The transition between seasons always offers a good time to reevaluate your routine, whether it’s changing your workouts, or switching it up for more seasonal

What Does Detoxing Really Look Like?

What Does Detoxing Really Look Like?

Detoxing is having its day in the sun. Evolving into a popular health fad, the more than $4 million industry has led many to put faith in detox diets, juice cleanses, and an…