Our Top Secret Tips to Graceful Aging

If you have been a part of the CARRINNA community for a while, then you know that we are all in on graceful aging. To us that does not mean trying our best to look 20-something but living our best life and having the physical and mental health to enjoy it, regardless of age. Like a bottle of wine, we can get better with age with proper care and intention. Bringing our focus to preventive healthcare instead of reactive is our ultimate secret to the graceful aging process.

Your preventative healthcare routine can look like many things. It can start with small steps like taking your vitamins and herbs consistently and transform into keeping up with your monthly therapies including acupuncture or micro-needling. Regardless of what it looks like there are common benefits to establishing a preventive healthcare routine. 

Observation: Through establishing a preventive health routine you gain a deeper understanding of your body and what is going on. You start to catch the nuances of what your body is communicating to you and notice what feels right, which makes it easier to notice when something feels off.

Maintenance: Brushing your teeth is a daily habit that we rarely have to think about. It is automatic. This habit is a simple act of preventive care, done constantly it becomes automatic. And similar to brushing your teeth it adds to the integrity and health of your body.

Avoidance: Investing in preventative care will have benefits to not only your body but also your pockets. Taking care of your body with holistic therapies, proper nutrition, and mindfulness can help you avoid the pesky flu and cold that makes their rounds every season along with other serious illnesses. Plus, this saves on your healthcare costs and your immune system!

Appreciation: At CARRINNA, we believe that self-care is self-love. When you are intentional with caring for your body, you gain more gratitude for all the support your body gives you every moment of your life.

Where to Start Your Preventive Health Journey

Acupuncture treatments are the queen of preventative care. Interestingly enough, it is actually best to do these treatments when you are feeling your best, to keep that feeling going. Acupuncture supports all the systems in the body and balances the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Book your treatment to help manage your stress and gain the strength and energy to be able to handle all aspects of your life, relationships, career, and family.


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