Holistic Menopause Relief Through Acupuncture: My Feature in Diablo Magazine


Holistic Menopause Relief Through Acupuncture: My Feature in Diablo Magazine

Holistic Menopause Relief Carine Camara

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I was recently featured in Diablo Magazine, where I shared my insights on managing menopause symptoms through holistic methods. As a Lafayette-based acupuncturist, I have dedicated my practice to helping women find relief from the discomforts associated with menopause using acupuncture and other natural approaches.

Acupuncture and Menopause:

In the article, I explained how acupuncture can uniquely benefit those experiencing menopause. “Acupuncture uses specific points and meridians to help the body balance itself,” I shared. “It’s one of the most holistic ways to treat symptoms, because there are so many symptoms. With acupuncture, every time you come for a session, we treat you for what’s happening in the body at that moment.”

Holistic Approaches and Lifestyle Choices:

While there are options like hormone therapy and nonhormonal drugs, many women seek alternative treatments. My practice involves using acupuncture to address individual symptoms as they occur, providing a personalized and adaptive treatment plan. This method aligns with broader expert advice on managing menopause symptoms effectively. Key suggestions include maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, engaging in weight-bearing exercises, moderating alcohol consumption, and ensuring adequate calcium intake.

Finding Balance and Support:

Menopause is a natural transition, and finding support through qualified health professionals and community resources can make a significant difference. My holistic approach offers a path for women to manage their symptoms while promoting overall well-being. I am thrilled to share my approach and experiences in Diablo Magazine. If you’re interested in learning more about how acupuncture and holistic methods can provide a balanced and personalized way to navigate menopause, click the button below to read the full article. Explore how these natural strategies can help you achieve relief and balance during this stage of life.

As a lifestyle expert, acupuncturist, personal stylist, and founder of CARRINNA, I have dedicated my career to helping women over 40 celebrate aging through Style, Beauty and Wellness. Through my years of experience as an acupuncturist (L.Ac), spiritual coach, personal stylist and Host of the CARRINNA Podcast, I have helped countless women experience more love, confidence, wellness, and radiant unapologetic joy.

Self-care is an essential aspect of my philosophy, and it’s why I have created products such as my Essential Mist. This invigorating mist is composed of a White Tea and Rosewater base with a reparative blend of Prebiotics and East Asian Medicinal plants of Ginseng and Tremella, which helps combat stress, dehydration, and fatigue. Additionally, I offer consultations for those who are looking to further prioritize their self-care and wellness journey.

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