Ways to Inspire Joy in Your Daily Life

One of the goals at the top of my list this year is making room for joy. Specifically, making room for joy in my everyday life. Not waiting for the great times or the special times to feel joyful and enjoy my days. But instead, finding ways to feel good and find joy in the midst of life that sometimes seems nonstop. 

It’s been a practice of slowing down and being mindful enough to notice and appreciate the joyful little delights happening all around me and making room when life tries its hardest to get in the way. Finding ways to purposely add joy to my days to make every day feel lovely. The good days. The tough days. And even the ordinary, mundane, days. 

Making room for joy looks different to everybody. It could be a dedicated dance session every week or meditation. I find joy in the art of cooking, it brings me peace and pulls me back to the center as I pull a recipe together to make something delicious. Your personal joy time is personal to you. It can be everything and anything that makes your entire body smile. 

Finding and making these little moments of joy can change your life and outlook quite dramatically. By finding ways to sprinkle more little delights throughout your day and also being mindful of the joy already happening all around you. The little delights and moments of joy might seem small and insignificant on their own. But when all of these little moments are added up together, they contribute a great deal of joy to my life and healing. 


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