The Beauty in Looking Your Age

Aging gracefully is easier said than done. As the years go by, we suddenly don’t see the skin, eyes, and lips that we are used to seeing. It is natural to be anxious about looking older, but important to remember that aging is a natural process. 

It is a beautiful thing to look our age, regardless of the anti-aging messages we see everywhere. Women look into Botox when wanting to erase the signs that come with aging. While looking at this path, consider a holistic way to soften the signs of aging along with embracing the many trips around the sun we have been granted. The truth of the matter is that women are beautiful at every age—not in spite of it. 

The key to looking your most beautiful at any age is taking care of yourself from the inside out. Incorporating a holistic beauty treatment, like facial acupuncture, addresses the entire body from what we put in our body to what we put on it. Through this, the harsh lines of aging begin to soften leading to feeling much better on the inside which pushes through to the outside.

Wrinkles are an honest and beautiful reflection of age counted by the smiles on our faces and remind us to realize that life is fleeting, so it is best to truly LIVE IT. A few wrinkles here and there mean a lifetime of wisdom. Those frown and smile lines mean we have spent our time crying through the worst of times and laughing uncontrollably through the best of them. It is natural to want to soften these, but to want to erase them is not necessary.  

It’s not about looking like you stepped back into your 20s, it’s about prevention and maintenance. Embracing aging is stepping into a space of gratitude for this life that we are fortunate to live. Looking your age means you have LIVED. All the triumphs and defeats, you are still here and looking amazing through it all. If you are looking to start your holistic beauty regimen and begin the path to aging gracefully, book a consultation with me today


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