My Journey to Clear Skin

My relationship with my skin, like many, has evolved with a mix of highs and lows. It can be compared to the course of pain and healing over the course of my life. My struggle with acne, a major part of my journey, started when I hit puberty, and my face exploded with pimples. I took the traditional route and consulted with a dermatologist, applied topical medications, and followed all the trendy clear skin products that were advertised in the 90s. Remember Neutrogena? It did nothing for my skin and left me extremely frustrated and ashamed of my face.

A Journey to Better

It was not until I leaned into a holistic approach that led me on a long journey to healing my skin. It started with my diet. I noticed a correlation between certain foods and my breakouts. The top foods that cause an inflammatory reaction with my skin are processed sugar, dairy, fried foods, and meat. So I drastically decreased my consumption of these foods or eliminated them altogether. Additionally, I made a shift to using only clean beauty products and ditched any skin care products that contained harsh chemicals.

Fast forwarding through the years the more holistic approaches I applied to my skin, the more it improved. I found an amazing esthetician and I had a facial cleansing routine with all the recommendations for acne-prone skin. It got better.

But Better Was Not Good Enough

Though my skin was somewhat clear in my 30s. It was such a huge source of pain, I would find myself saying: “Once my skin is clear, I will be able to see myself as beautiful”, or “ Once my skin is clear, I will be able to go after this goal.” I was stopping myself from living. I carried this mindset until I was 35! That is a lot of life to put on hold.

What You Gain When You Let it all Go

Over the last few years, my skin has looked the best. The secret: Letting Go.
I put all the tension and negative emotions that I was essentially holding on to in my face behind me. It took years off my face because I relaxed my muscles to allow for more blood flow, giving my skin more nutrients and oxygen. It takes a lot of energy to keep a frown on your face and a furrow on your brow. All my mindset, emotional and spiritual work positively shows on my face, and the same can happen for you.

Combining this inside work with other self-care practices like facial acupuncture, massages, and all the good things that are healthy for the skin, and can put you on a path of progress. But keep in mind that truly letting go is the most powerful key to aging gracefully.


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