How to Prepare Your Skin for Fall

Fall is synonymous with cool temperatures, comfy sweaters and cardigans, our favorite Fall comfort foods…. and change.  As the seasons shift, our bodies (including our skin) have to face the elements and adapt to the changes in the environment around us. Your skin becomes more sensitive during this season. You may notice that it becomes visibly irritated with redness or blotchiness, with a few rough patches from the dryness. At its worst, it can lead to cracking of the skin which can be quite painful on the face or lips. 

By adequately preparing your skin routine to transition from Summer to Fall, you mitigate and minimize these symptoms that come with the cold weather. So, while you’re updating your wardrobe for Fall, be sure to add a few product swaps to the list. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Switch To Gentler Skincare Products

Fall is the perfect time to analyze your daily skincare routine to see if you need to make any product swaps or cut anything out. The cold air our skin battles during Fall can cause dryness, which may lead to cracking and flaking. Cut out any products that would be harsh for sensitive skin types as your face will be more prone to irritation. Instead, use ones that are gentler and soothing. 

Thicken Up Your Moisturizer

Your lightweight moisturizer was your best friend during the spring and summer, but it is time for a break as the temperature drops. Similar to the switch to heavier sweaters and cardigans, add moisturizer with a little weight to your skincare lineup. Consider using a heavy cream made of ceramides, which basically act like healthy fatty acids that develop naturally in the skin.

Reduce Exfoliation

The cold weather also means it’s time to cut back on the number of exfoliation ingredients – such as glycolic and retinoids – in the products you use. Make the switch to glycolic treatment pads or a mask just once a week to help remove any discoloration that may appear as your skin adjusts to a new environment. 

Buy a Humidifier

One of the most cost-effective solutions for negating the dry air produced by the increased use of our heating units is the use of a humidifier. Switch it on at the same time as you turn on the heat and you can provide your skin with some much-needed protection from dry air at home. The bedroom often makes the best room to place your humidifier as that is where most of us spend the greatest amount of time.

If your daily skincare routine needs a boost of its own, I am here to help! Book a service to have a transformative experience and talk about how to prepare for the season.



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