Why Gratitude is Always the Right Choice

Gratitude is a funny thing. We all know we should feel and express it on a regular basis, but it often gets brushed aside for more impulsive states of mind like irritation, impatience, and simple exhaustion. The annoyances of everyday life can easily overshadow the intention to count our blessings. 

It is not a secret that life rarely goes as planned. Setbacks are a normal part of life that we all experience at some point and they come in many forms and can stop us in our tracks. However, when we learn to be thankful and focus on the good things we have in our lives, even in the midst of a setback, we are able to be far more resilient and bounce back much quicker. 

Cultivating a regular practice of genuine appreciation for the good things in life can do wonders for your health and even the health of those around you. According to an article from today.com regularly practicing gratitude lowers blood pressure, improves immune function, and facilitates more efficient sleep. If you are feeling physically run down, try jotting down a few things that you are grateful for and let the oxytocin flow to give you an emotional pick me up.

Negative emotions impact more than just our thoughts. Negative emotions literally weigh us down, they zap our energy and productivity. On the other hand, a regular practice of gratitude has countless benefits, including increasing overall energy which in turn increases our productivity. 

Instead of focusing on everything going wrong, an intentional practice of gratitude shifts your thinking toward everything that is going right, which is always more than you think. Making the conscious choice to choose gratitude has the power to instantly transform your perspective. It is like putting your life under a microscope, the little positive things you cannot see suddenly come into focus.



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