The Privilege of Getting Older

As we make practicing gratitude a priority this year, I encourage you to take some time and reflect on the privilege, art, and gift of getting older. Accumulating gray hairs, pulling the pages off of the calendar, and celebrating birthdays should always be a reason for happiness. Happiness for life and everything it means to be here.

Life has the peculiar tendency to slip out of our hands with time, which makes wrinkles appear on our faces, and aches and pains develop every so often. But all of this is a reflection of life, something that we can feel very proud of. Being bestowed the opportunity to get older allows us to share more moments with the people we love the most. We can enjoy the pleasures of life, smile, and build a better world through our presence.

Aging is often framed as a punishment. It is a time when we lose our abilities or experience drastic changes from the person we once were, but I am here to tell you that this is not true! Just because you grow older, doesn’t mean you grow incapable. It is an opportunity to put yourself first. Aging offers the luxury to think about what you’d like the rest of your journey to look like. Don’t assume you can’t do something. Growing older offers you the chance to become a novice again. You can always immerse yourself in learning new things.

We are bombarded with messages that teach us to fear age. While many of us lament getting older, it is important to remember Mark Twain’s words: “Do not complain about growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.” Make the most of your time because life is a gift that should be treasured. 

Every day signifies 1440 minutes of new options, wonderful thoughts, and hundreds of nuances in our feelings. Every second gives us the possibility to experience and take advantage of all of the options that our surroundings provide. It is time to see your life as full and happy (wrinkles and all).


What do you think?