My Favorite Ways to Boost My Immune System

As we creep deeper into the colder months of the year, your immune system needs all the support it can get as it fights off the viruses and bacteria that come with the cold and flu season. Below are my tried-and-true methods of creating an immune system that can take on anything.

Start With Some Self Care
Booking an acupuncture session at various points in the season stimulates the body’s immune response and improves your resistance to infection. Many things that affect your immune system negatively are addressed through acupuncture by increasing your white blood cell and T-cell numbers (which actively fight infections), with results lasting up to a month after treatment.

Prioritize Rest
Your body needs rest to refuel and strengthen your immune system. A good trick is to develop a regular routine to prepare your body for sleep and train yourself to think of bedtime as being for sleep only. That means turning off the phones, tablets, and computers at least an hour before bed.

Hydrate and Hydrate Some More
Many of us (myself included) have a hard time drinking tons of water. Add a little excitement to your daily water intake by including lemon, limes, or berries. You can also eat fruits and veggies that contain lots of water, such as melons or cucumbers. These foods can be a subtle way of adding more water to your diet without even thinking about it.

Stress a Lot Less
Life can be stressful, and moving around it can be difficult. This season bring your focus to what brings you joy. Do one thing a day that makes you happy, and joyful and fills your heart with laughter.


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