How to Dress for Your Body Type

We all have strolled the aisles of the mall and have online carts full of clothes to make up our dream closets. However, are these sources of inspiration serving us and pushing us to be our most confident selves? Knowledge of your body type will help you navigate your style with ease and confidence. It is an important framework in supporting your journey of seeking clothing silhouettes that flatter you and create an opportunity to love and accept your body, and discover a new language of communication.

Everybody is unique and has a general shape represented in the following body types:

  • Hourglass – Hips and shoulders are very close in measurement. The waist is smaller. 
  • Introvert Triangle – Shoulders are wider than hips. 
  • Rectangle – Shoulders, waist, and Hips are nearly the same measurements, 
  • Pear – Your bottom is larger than the rest of your upper body. 
  • Apple – Your waist measurement is larger than your shoulders and hips.

Exploring the importance of proportions and what styles work with your body type is an easy way to ensure that you look and most importantly, feel amazing every day. I emphasize that everybody is unique and beautiful. You don’t need to lose weight or change yourself in order to feel better about your style. 

However, knowing your body type and shape help you choose clothes that look better on you. The female body shape is based mostly on genetics and structure. While you can adjust your body shape a bit with exercise, hormone levels, and general self-care, it is important to note that your body is ever-changing, so it is imperative to work WITH your body shape instead of against it. 

If you struggle with determining which body type is your shape, you can measure your hips, waist, and shoulders to get exact proportions. Then the fun starts with trying different silhouettes, styles, and colors that match your inner glow. 

In the past, I have used my style as a shield. A way to hide from people and be somewhat invisible. My emotional state matched my outfits: constricted and depressed. Now, when I feel confident, I wear a bright, form-fitting dress and leave my house feeling better about myself the minute I put on one! I want that same feeling for you. 

Always remember that style is about your creative expression and how you show off your personality through the textures and colors of your wardrobe. As we age, we can wear whatever we want, as long as you’re comfortable with who you are, go for it. If you want to celebrate yourself today…book a call with me.


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