How to Curate a Style that Fits You ( At Any Size)

It is normal for our bodies to change as we age and experience major milestones like becoming a mom or going through a rough time. As we progress through this wonderful experience called life, there will be moments that we have to become reacquainted with our body, and that is okay! 


Styling your body at any age and size can boost your confidence and help you look your best. Your body is beautiful, so don’t be afraid to show it off! You can dress well by choosing clothes that will flatter your figure and accentuate your best features. Additionally, you might play around with color and prints to enhance your look. Then, complete your outfit with the right accessories. 


Picking styles of clothing that can be forgiving with their silhouettes, can shift with you as your body changes. 


Adding clothing that has stretch, will allow the fabric to have more give which can contour your body. Also, styles that have ruching- in most cases- are often paired with stretchy clothing. These items of clothing have an amazing way of hiding parts of the body – such as the unwanted weight around the stomach. 


Other small styling tips include wearing wraps dresses or tops, these are great to contour the body while accommodating larger sizes. 

Choose pieces that draw the eye to your best features. Look in the mirror and decide which parts of your body you want to enhance. Then, choose items that show off your assets. This will draw people’s eyes to what makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. For instance, you might love your legs. To show them off, you can wear dresses or long, slim pants. Similarly, you might be proud of your curves (as you should!). You could wear tops, blazers, or dresses that cinch in at your waist.


As you go through your style journey, the most important thing is to wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel good is the best way to celebrate yourself. Stop waiting to buy clothes for when you “lose weight” or achieve that magical number on the scale. It negatively affects your self-esteem and stops you from living in the moment. 


My journey of loving all of my imperfections (even the cellulite) took work. I had to unlearn the lies and limitations I put on myself and realize that it was time to start LIVING. So the question remains, are you ready to see what is on the other side of self-acceptance?


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