Unpacking the Fear of Getting Older

Do you have a fear of aging? We all do, to some extent. It is hard to avoid the consistent messaging that “younger is better”. About 87% of Americans have a fear of getting old. As you age, some fears dissipate, yet some still linger. It can be a concern over becoming unattractive, the inability to take care of oneself, illness, becoming invisible, and physical pain that seems to sprout up as the years go by.

Though at the top of the list is the fear that we will leave this earth with some life left to still live. As if we did not truly live the time we were given to the fullest and reach our potential to live out our dreams.

The fear of aging, even the fear of dying, is a core human emotion that we all experience–some on a more conscious level and for others, it lives in the back of their minds. We have dreams, goals, and desires we want to create, but are stopped in our tracks due to fear that time is moving a little too fast. It can make you worry about things that are far into the future and prevent you from enjoying the present moment.

As I combat this overwhelming feeling like everyone else, I remind myself of a key factor of getting older—it is going to happen. There is nothing I can do to change that outcome.

However, there are things I can do to infuse my life with more joy and love and reach my dreams. The best thing about getting old: it presents urgency. Life moves so fast. What can I do today to overcome my fears and get closer to my dreams?

I embrace aging as a part of life. I have gratitude for my life and continue my work to be of service to humanity. I accept getting older, and I am a believer in looking good and feeling good as I move through the seasons. Graceful aging is all about stepping into your truth.

I created CARRINNA to celebrate the ups and downs of getting older and infuse love and acceptance into the conversation around what it means to be a fabulous, older person in our society. Follow more stories like this and sign up for our newsletter to be a part of the conversation. We would love to have you!


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